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Slot Machines

Here are some pics of my slot machine. Click an image below to open a bigger picture in a separate window

Front view
Front closeup
Inside door
Control board
Behind reels
Behind backglass

My machine is a Bally E-1216 made in 1980. These models were some of the first to have solid state electronic circuitry. These machines have a Personality Prom which handles the payout percentage. The only obvious difference between these machines and the earlier electromechanical ones is the LED readout on the front.

I decided to go with a real slot machine that was once in service in a casino and takes real coins. In Arkansas you are allowed to have slots that run on real currency as a collector. I also decided to go with a nickel machine rather than quarters so I could leave out plenty of money to play and not worry about people pocketing the money.