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4x4x4 Intro

If you haven't already read the notation section of the 3x3x3 guide you should review it before beginning this section. The notations will be quite similar but there are some differences. For example, a cube with an even number of layers does not have a single center slice, i.e. no H or V. We use the same references for the Up, Down, Front, Back, Left and Right sides as with the 3x3x3. We need a way to refer to the inner slices though. The way we do that is assign a letter to the slice which is the same as the closest side, but in lowercase. See the figure below for reference. The horizontal slices are assigned u and d and the vertical slices are l and r.

Below is a link to an applet which I got from www.bigcubes.com that you can use to show how to move a single slice. That website is great and has a wonderful section of algorithms for solving parity problems. Since their site leans more toward speedsolving they have several algorithms I won't duplicate here which you may find useful.

Click Notation for Revenge Cube if you want to review all the moves. Otherwise you can continue on to Solving the Centers.