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Until about a year ago I hadn't played with a Rubik's cube in 20 years. Several of my coworkers received cubes as part of a vendor promotion, and that renewed our interests. I was able to find several guides to solving the 3x3x3 but I didn't find one single guide that was clear enough to follow for all the steps. I've put together a guide for the layer method I use to solve the 3x3x3.

Links for my guides are on the left. Just click on the size cube you are interested in. Before anyone starts emailing me on how to do things better or faster let me add this. I am not interested in speedsolving cubes. This is just a side hobby of mine and I don't want to commit hundreds of algorithms to memory. These guides are intended to teach the average person who wants to learn how to solve a cube without having to memorize too many difficult patterns. There are plenty of sites that cover speed methods. If that is your interest you probably won't find what you want here.