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Welcome to our homepage.
This site is a place for us to share news and events with our friends and family around the world.
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12-24-2015 - Put some pics from 2015 in the Family album.

5-22-2014 - Added quite a few pics to the family album, including a few from Preeti's American citizenship ceremony!

2-1-2014 - Added more recent pictures to the family pics album.

8-24-2012 - Redid the entire photo gallery and updated pics.

6-13-2011 - Added pics from Christmas, Preeti's birthday and Welden's birthday.

10-18-2010 - Added pics from our Hawaii trip.

08-08-2010 - Added a few more recent pics of Welden.

03-29-2010 - Added more recent pics of Welden.

11-15-2009 - Added recent pics of Welden.

7-7-2009 - Added pics of our St. Lucia trip. Also added the 7x7x7 Rubik's section.

6-15-2009 - Added pics of Welden from the last few months and most recently his 2nd birthday.

3-20-2009 - Put in a new section on Rubik's cubes.

2-8-2009 - Finally got around to putting a couple of Christmas pics in the baby album. Also updated MAME section.

12-21-2008 - Moved to a new hosting company, hopefully everything is working properly!

11-21-2008 - Started using a photo gallery rather than writing individual pages to display pictures.

08-23-2008 - Added more baby pics, Gulf Shores.

06-14-2008 - Added more baby pics, First Birthday!!!!!

02-22-2008 - Added a few more baby pics.

01-27-2008 - Started a 6th page of the baby pics.

12-22-2007 - Added a 3 minute video of Welden laughing HERE.